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Moxibustion (艾灸)

Moxibustion treats and prevents diseases by applying heat to acu-points or certain locations of body. The material used is Moxa. For centuries, moxibustion and acupuncture have been combined in clinical practice.

Moxa is made from the leaves of Artemisia Argyi (Ai Ye),  and produced in all parts of China.  Due to its special aroma, bitter and pungent flavor and warm nature, as well as it's flammability and moderate heat, nothing in this world can take his place in clinic practice so far.


Actually, Ai Ye grows everywhere on the earth.  They are common self-care production in Chinese  family. The golden time to harvest them is the Dragon-boat Festival period (around late spring), which is the only time to harvest it as  functional herbal medicine. In addition to this time, they are only burning material without herbal function.

A lot of old sayings about health care related to moxibustion. For example, there is a famous acup-point on the leg called ST36 (Zu San Li). In the ancient time, the elder people did moxibustion on it every day to make a  wet pit and kept it wet all the time, in order to prevent diseases and maintain energy level. Before they went out for travel, they always checked their companion's leg at the point of ST36, if it's dry, they would say "sorry! I do not want to go with you!" Because they think that you  didn't take good care of yourself and you might be dangerous in the wild places. Right now, some scientist explained that it could be the sacrificing of one piece of skin slightly raised the level of white blood cells, and thus strengthened the immunity. 

Now,  moxibustion is one of the 3 major therapies (acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion) in TCM clinic. It's indicated in the diseases with cold signs, senile diseases and the diseases that acupuncture and herbal can not make a  satisfied treatment outcome.



1>To warm meridians  to dispel cold.

2>To induce the flow of qi(the energy) and blood.

3>To strengthen the function of our body.

4> To remove blood stasis and dissipate pathological accumulation.

4> To prevent diseases, maintain healthy and slow the process of aging.



1> Excess heat syndrome.

2> Scarring moxibustion are prohibited on the face and head, and areas close to the large blood vessels.

3> Abdomen and lumbo-sacral regions during pregnancy.

Post- Moxibustion care:

1> Try not to touch cold water within 4 hours.

2> Cover your body nicely to keep it away from  cold or warm wind.

3>  Don't take a shower within 4 hours.

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