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Herb Medicine & Dietary Therapy

Herbal Medicine

There are 5767 medicinal substances currently in use, including plants, animal  and mineral substance. Chinese herbal medicine is the practice of combining individual herbs into formulas to promote health.

Chinese herbal formulations are prepared in a number of different ways:

1>Chinese herbal decoctions,

2>Herbal powders,

3>Chinese patent formulas,



6> Tincture, etc.

In China, the herbal therapy are a lot more popular than Acupuncture therapy.

Dietary Therapy

Dietary therapy is an essential aspect of Chinese medicine. Even before the development of acupuncture and herb, Chinese people found out the correlation between what you eat and health.

We like whole food with its own taste which build its function. We like seasonal food because they absorb the essence from the heaven and earth. And we think anti-seasonal food are poisonous and may hurt your body.

Let me talk something about the following three dishes.

The first dish is mainly made of chilli beans and pearl barley beans, it's for draining dampness form our body to keep fit. And we know that it is very tasty and nutritive.

The second dish is made from pear plus some Chinese herbs for the dryness in our body, by moistening our lungs to treat dry cough, and moistening our skin to  prevent winkles.

The third dish is chicken soup with a blood-tonic herb formula. It is usually used for women to treat gynecological diseases and anti-aging.

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