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Stomach Meridian of  Foot- Yangming

The Stomach Meridian of Foot-Yangming starts from the lateral side of ala nasi (Yingxiang, LI20)(1). It ascends to the bridge of the nose, where it meets the Bladder Meridian of Foot-Taiyang (Jingming ST1)(2). Turning down-ward along the lateral side of nose (chengqi, ST1)(3), it enters the upper gum(4), Reemerging, it curves around the lips(5), and descends to meet the Conception Vessel at the mentolabial groove (Chengjiang, CV24)(6). Then it runs posterolaterally across the lower portion of the cheek at Daying(ST5)(7).Winding along the angle of the mandible (Jiache, ST6)(8), It ascends in the front of the ear and traverses Shangguan (GB3)(9). Then it follows the anterior hairline(10) and reaches the forehead (11).

The facial branch emerging in front of Daying (ST 5) runs downward to Renying (ST 9)(12). From there it goes along the throat and enters the supraclavicular fossa (13). Descending, it passes through the diaphragm (14), enters the stomach, its pertaining organ and connects with the spleen (15).

The straight portion of the meridian arising from the supraclavicular fossa runs downward (16), passing through the nipple, it descends by the umbilicus and enters Qichong (ST 30) on the lateral side of the lower abdomen (17).

The branch from the lower orfice of the stomach (18) descends inside the abdomen and joins the previous portion of the merdian at Qichong (ST 30). Running downward, transversing Biguan (ST31)(19), and further through Femur-Futu (ST32) (20), it reaches the Knee (21). From there, it continues downward ndalong the anterior border of the lateral aspect of the tibia (22),passes through the dorsum of the foot (23), and reaches the lateral side of the tip of the 2nd toe (Lidui, ST45) (24).

The tibia branch  emerges from Zu-sanli (ST36), 3 cun below the knee (25), and enters the lateral side of the middle toe (26).

The branch from the dorsum of the foot arises from the Chongyang (ST42) (27) and terminates at the medial side of the tip of the great toe (Yingbai, SP 1), where it links with the spleen Meridian of Foot-Taiyin.

Spleen Meridian of  Foot-Taiyin

The Spleen Meridian of Foot-Taiyin starts from the tip of the big toe (Yinbai, SP 1) (1). It  runs  along the medial aspect of the foot at the  junction of the  red and white skin (2), and ascends in front of the  medial malleolus (3) up to the medial aspect of the leg (4). It follows the posterior aspect of the tibia (5), crosses and goes in front of the Liver Meridian of Foot-Jueyin (6). Passing throught the anterior medial aspect of the knee and thigh(7), it enters the abdomen (8), then the spleen, its pertaining organ, and connects with the stomach(9), From there it wacends, passing through the idaohragm(10) and running alongside the esophagus(11), When it reaches the root of the tongue it spreads over its lower surface (12).

The branch fro the stomach goes upward through the diaphragm (13), and flows into the heart to link with the heart Meridian of Hand-Shaoyin (14).

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