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Magic TCM is an alternative clinic offering acupuncture and herbal formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which can release the pain and enhance the health by stimulating our natural self-healing ability. You won't be able to know how strong your natural healing ability is until you try acupuncture. 

Add:18756 Stone Oak Parkway Ste 200, San Antonio, TX 78258 (East to Corner Stone Church  Behind IBC Bank)

Click 210-214-0729 Now! Text me or call me! 

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Working hour: (By appointment only)

Mon. - Sat. -- 9:00am to 6:00pm     


Available Service:

1.Classic  Acupuncture & Abdominal Acupuncture

2.Chinese Pattern Herbs

3.Life Style Consultation

4.Gua Sha  - Face &  Scalp Or Back

5.Cupping  - Back Or Belly.

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Conditions Commonly Treated:

1.Pain Management (Acute & Chronic):

Neck /Shoulder Pain

Upper & Lower back pain/ Sciatic Pain

Hip/Leg / Knee / Ankle /Feet/ Finger Pain

Nerve/Tendons/Muscles/Joints Pain. Etc..

2.Allergies/Fatigue / Stress / Anxiety/Digestive Issues.

3.Migraine Headache/TMJ Disorders/Bell's Palsy

5.Stroke Recovery

6.Women Health/Infertility 

7. Cosmetic Disorders: Wrinkles, Eye bags, Puffy face, Facial spots, Acne Etc..

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Special Contribution

1.Download Chilli Beans &Pearl Barley Beans. PDF -- A recipe for weight loss and ……..

2.Download  LiverCare@Spring.PDF​​ to learn self-care in spring.

​3. Download Soaking Feet in Warm Water.PDF to learn an external therapy.

What is TCM?

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has a history of over two thousands years. And, because of its long history, it not only has systematic theories, but also has abundant  of  preventative and therapeutic methods for treating diseases.

As a wonderful flower of Chinese science and culture, TCM theory is formed by summarizing the precious experience of understanding life, maintaining health, and fighting diseases accumulated in daily life, manufacturing and medical practice. The clinical diagnosis and treatments in TCM are mainly based on the Yin-Yang , Five-Elements and Meridian theories, that are different kind of philosophies to the western mainstream.

TCM believes that good health is to be achieved by maintaining a balance or a harmony between Yin and Yang, and that keeping the meridians unblocked is the key to keep a dynamic balance in our body. Please click the link above if you want to know more.

What is acupuncture?


Acupuncture has been one of the therapeutic methods of TCM since New Stone Age about 4000-8000 years ago. It is considered one of the oldest forms of medicine. But right now, it is a very popular medical practice all over the world. Acupuncture started being popularized in the States during the early 70’s after President Nixon opened relations with China.


TCM sees the human body as an organic whole, a complete system made up of physical structures, emotions, mind, and spirit. That is why a lot of people feel relaxing and calm during & after acupuncture session. The clam and relaxing is a sign of homeostasis.


Acupuncture adjusts Yin-Yang balance of our body by the insertion of very fine, sterile disposable needles into specific points on the body. It has been used to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases, as well as to improve general health and maintain homeostasis of our body.

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WHO Global Health Emergency Coronavirus

Doctors in Beijing recommend the steam from boiled water (about 60 C) to kill Coronavirus

Hand Exercise

For Your General Health

Bed Exercise

For Your Gerneral Health

Especially: Heart, Kidney, and Spine.

Patting Eight Hollowness(拍八窝)

Action: Detoxification

1.Cubital Fossa (Heart,Lung)

2.Arm Pit(Liver)


4.Poptiteal (Hollow at back of knee)(Kidney)

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