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  Magic TCM is an alternative clinic offering acupuncture and herbal formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which can release the pain and enhance the health by stimulating our natural self-healing ability. You won't be able to know how strong your natural healing ability is until you try acupuncture. 

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Dr. Qingyun Xu (Jennifer)

LAC & Herbalist

Medical Doctor (China, specialized in Gastroenterology)

20 years of practice in Chinese& Western Medicine.

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Dr. Bing Han

LAC & Herbalist

Medical Doctor (China, specialized in Dermology)

20 years of practice in Chinese& Western Medicine.

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Ke Chen(Coco)

LAC & Herbalist

14 years of practice in TCM.

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Conditions Commonly Treated:

1.Pain Management (Acute & Chronic):

Neck /Shoulder Pain/Numbness on hands

Upper & Lower back pain/ Sciatic Pain

Hip/Leg / Knee / Ankle /Feet/ Finger Pain    

Nerve/Tendons/Muscles/Joints Pain. Etc.


3.Abdominal pain and bloating /IBS/Digestive Issues.

4.Migraine Headache/TMJ Disorders/Bell's Palsy

Trigeminal neuralgia/Eye pain/Allergies.

5.Stroke Recovery                                 

6.Women Health/Infertility 

7.Cosmetic Disorders: Wrinkles, Eye bags, Puffy face, Facial spots, Acne Etc..

Click Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture to know more.

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Special Contributions

1. Soaking Feet in Warm Water.PDF

2. Liver care in Spring.PDF

3. Chili Beans and Pearl Barley Beans.PDF

4.Five Color and Five Organs.PDF


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Address: 18756 Stone Oak Parkway Ste 200, San Antonio, TX 78258 (Behind IBC Bank)

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