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Cupping (拔罐)

Cupping method is a therapeutic approach by attaching small jars which a vacuum is created.

Functions: Warm and promote the free flow of qi and blood in the meridians, dispelling cold and dampness, diminishing swellings and pains.



1>Open wounds.

2>Bleeding disorders or women during menstruation.

3>New injury of bone, tendons and ligaments.

4>Over full, over hunger and overstrain.

5>Severe and acute conditions.

6>Areas of tumors or scar.

7>The abdominal and lumbosacral region of the pregnant woman.

 Post-Cupping Care

After cupping, our pores are opened to give the evil  a way to get out, but for dampness, cold and wind, they  can sneak into your body by the same way. They might not strong enough to knock you down right  away, but they can be accumulated in your body as pathogens over a long period of time. So please remember:

1> Try not to touch cold water within 4 hours.

2> Cover your body nicely to keep it away from  cold or warm wind.

3>  Don't take a shower within 4 hours.

Thank you for your reading!


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