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Cosmetic Acupuncture Rejuvenation

Cosmetic Acupuncture Rejuvenation is the practice of TCM therapies in anti-aging and treating all kind of facial disorders, like wrinkles, jowls, eye bags, puffiness , dropping skin, spots and etc.

According to Five Elements theory of TCM, we diagnose diseases by  detecting the abnormal colors on patient's faces. By watching changes of the color to evaluate the treatment, to trace the developing direction of diseases,  even to predict the level of treatment difficulty.

White(pale ) color ---------Lung.

Green color-----------------Liver.

Yellow color ----------------Spleen(Pancreas or digestive system in mainstream) .

Black or dark color---------Kidney.

Red color---------------------Heart.

Purple color------------------Poor circulation.

Sorry! they are TCM terms! I don't want to confuse you here. Please let me give you an  example, what is the main  facial color of the patient that is on dialysis with kidney failure? Black or dark color. Right? If she or he is treated in a good direction, the dark color will be fading away.

The picture above is a reflex map of our face, it has all the information of our body. So, the abnormal color and dots on you face shows the condition of your health and make you aged and ugly.


Health looking should have clear skin with luster. Our cosmetic acupuncture rejuvenation is to make an antiaging plan of TCM therapies for you not just external but also balance or regulate the organ internally.

Our facial rejuvenation will use:

1>Abdominal acupuncture / Classic acupuncture to activate meridians, regulate & harmonize internal organs.

2>Gua Sha , acu-pressure to react to the function of needles.

3>Facial needles  to promote the circulation, metabolism and self-detoxification of facial skin.

It can bring you --- a younger looking, relax your mind, release stress and the symptoms of common cold .

Please click Our Service to know us more! Thanks for your visiting and reading.  -----Magic TCM

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