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Gua Sha (刮痧)

Gua Sha bases on the theory of TCM by using tools (cow horn, jade stone, cup) to scrap the skin, in order to unblock the meridians and promote the flow of energy and blood, thus reduce the discomfort and ensure health condition.


From a modern opinion, our body produces a lot of toxins during the process of diseases because of the invasion of viruses and  other bacteria. Our blood vessels may be impaired by these toxins to cause their self-fusion. This can be seen on the skin and mucosa, just like grits scattered or clustered. They slow down the circulation and put back the healing of our body.



1>Promote the metabolism and the discharging of toxins.

2>Unblock meridians and relax tendons to reduce pain, inflammation and edema.

3>Regulate the functions of organs to maintain health condition. 


1>Open wounds.

2>Bleeding disorders.

3>New injury of bone, tendons and ligaments.

4>Over full, over hunger and overstrain.

5>Severe and acute conditions.

6>Areas of tumors or scar.

7>The abdominal and lumbosacral region of

the pregnant woman.

Post- Gua Sha Care(same as cupping):

1> Try not to touch cold water within 4 hours.

2> Cover your body nicely to keep it away from  cold or warm wind.

3>  Don't take a shower within 4 hours.

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